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Antique Pine Yorkshire Opens Facebook Page!!!

posted 25 Oct 2015, 05:12 by James Kendall

Hello everyone!  We have finally decided to join the Facebook world.

See below for daily updates:

Welcome to new customers!

posted 25 Feb 2014, 07:52 by James Kendall   [ updated 25 Feb 2014, 07:55 ]

A big welcome and thank you to all our new overseas customers, which have increased greatly this past year.

Furthermore to all of you out there who are planning events...we have now got plenty of tin baths back in stock for the summer season!  Why not use them to cool your drinks in or how about a dolly tub to plant your olive trees in & wish for warmer weather!

Tin Baths & Dolly Tub

Tin Baths & Dolly Tub

Dolly tub on the roof terrace!

posted 11 Jun 2013, 23:59 by James Kendall

How about this for an idea then?  A customer of ours recently purchased a dolly tub to use on her roof terrace!

Dolly Tub Roof Terrace

It's "Snow" Joke!

posted 24 Jan 2013, 04:47 by James Kendall   [ updated 24 Jan 2013, 04:49 ]

They'll have to try harder than that......It'll take more than several inches of snow to stop work at Antique Pine Yorkshire!

Quite lucky really....the weather may have brought a lot of England to a halt but we still have customers all over the world to look after!

For this reason we would like to wish an especially warm welcome the many new overseas customers that we have been dealing with recently.  Its always a pleasure to deal with you and your business is much appreciated. Thank you!!

Oh, and I almost forgot to say...the on-site guard dog is enjoying it as well!

Dolly in the snow

New Line - Dolly Tub Tables!

posted 7 Apr 2012, 03:08 by James Kendall   [ updated 7 Apr 2012, 03:16 ]

I bet you've never seen anything quite like this before....Dolly Tub Tables!

Wouldn't these be great for your garden, roof terrace or maybe even in your house!

Certainly unique that you could be the first to buy one of these so get in touch now and place your custom order!

Dolly Tub Table

The Bivouac Swinton - Arriving... Spring / Summer 2012

posted 20 Nov 2011, 02:12 by James Kendall   [ updated 20 Nov 2011, 02:28 ]

We are delighted to be supplying The Bivouac project near Masham in North Yorkshire!

Holiday Accomodation with a difference!

We would like to wish them the best of luck with their new project!

‘The Bivouac’  accommodation is rustic, rugged, warm, characterful and sensitive to woodland and natural surroundings; inspired by the sheep sheering shacks of New Zealand and the woodland shelters of ancient Britain. it is luxurious, with attention to detail,warm and comfortable and above all – simple.

Why not explore their website to find out more! -

Bivouac Weddings!

Bivouac weddings and events are the place to come if you are looking for that unique one off venue which offers something a little more special.

Situated three miles outside Masham, North Yorkshire, the Druids Woodland is a very popular historic site where incredible views, the ancient monument at the heart of the woodland and the surrounding valley and moorland – all make up the bespoke and breathtaking place that this is.
The woodland will host your event – from a ceremony just outside the Temple grounds, to the reservoir view site for the celebrations to continue. This is a beautiful site with basking views over the Leighton reservoir. We work very closely with the local company Papakata, who specialize in hiring out Kåta tents for parties, weddings, festivals and events – tee pee style tents pioneered by the Sami people of Lapland.

Working dog to Farm hand

posted 2 Oct 2011, 14:28 by James Kendall   [ updated 2 Oct 2011, 14:33 ]

Dolly - The Farm Hand

Dolly - The Farm Hand 2

Dolly in a pram!

posted 7 Aug 2011, 03:31 by James Kendall   [ updated 7 Aug 2011, 03:41 ]

Guess what these tin baths are sitting on???

posted 7 Aug 2011, 03:26 by James Kendall


New pictures of our working dog!

posted 2 Jul 2011, 08:01 by James Kendall   [ updated 2 Jul 2011, 08:13 ]

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